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Susan Escott can support you on your weight loss surgery journey.

Who is Susan Escott...

Susan Escott is a certified results coach.  She has been trained and certified with Authentic Education, a leading coaching training organisation in Australia, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

In the past three years she has accumulated well over 100 hours of coaching experience, working with a diverse variety of people to achieve transformational results in personal growth, business and weight loss.

Susan Escott obese

Eight years ago

Susan became a coach after she utilised coaching to make huge transformational change to her own life.

Seven years ago Susan was morbidly obese.  She suffered a serious health setback and was forced to undertake Weight Loss Surgery, after being given less than a year to live.  

Post-operative she was losing weight and had adopted a regimented fitness program and healthy eating plan which aided her to successfully lose fifty kilograms.

Two years later though, she was finding it difficult to keep the weight off due to the damage inflicted on her metabolism from years of yo-yo dieting and eating disorders.

She knew there had to be something she was missing and hired a coach and a fitness instructor – hoping to make as much change to her mind as her body. 

From there she ended up making even more changes to her life, quitting her job and starting her own business, giving herself a greater sense of purpose and FREEDOM! 

Having succeeded with her own personal transformation she now wishes to assist others to achieve the same results.

Introducing the Healthy HABIT Program...











The Healthy HABIT Body Breakthrough Program utilises techniques, formed by Authentic Education, which have helped to transform thousands of lives, based on mindset strategies coupled with science.

The sessions are one-on-one as the weight loss journey is hard enough without comparing yourself to anyone else.

Knowing that each and every person’s journey is different, Susan tailors the program to suit individual needs. 

This program can work for you:

  • If you have already undertaken weight loss surgery and seek tools and support to ensure you do not regain the weight.
  • If you are contemplating weight loss surgery and would like support through the journey, to make the tool work best for you.
  • If you wish to lose weight without undertaking surgical intervention and need someone in your corner who truly understands.
  • If you seek an alternative to surgery via hypnosis.

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