Lose weight

without losing your mind

Lose weight

without losing your mind

Who is Susan Escott...

Susan Escott is a certified results coach.  She has been trained and certified with Authentic Education, a leading coaching training organisation in Australia, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

She has accumulated over 100 hours of coaching experience, working with a diverse variety of people, but now choses to focus her attentions towards her passion: supporting those experiencing long term weight management, including those contemplating weight loss surgery.

Susan Escott obese

Eight years ago

Susan spent 30 years battling eating disorders and obesity.

At her worst moment she could barely walk to her own mailbox, she couldn’t bend over without passing out and sitting on the floor was an impossible task.

She felt judged when eating in public, avoided shopping for clothes, and rarely had her photo taken.

Over the years Susan was constantly on some sort of weight loss mission, and admits that she tried almost every weight loss and exercise program on the market – without long term sustainable results.

Having finally succeeded with her own personal transformation she now wishes to assist others to achieve the same results.

Susan Escott now

Last summer

Introducing the …

Healthy HABITS Body Breakthrough

Transformational program

If you feel like you have tried too many of the diet and exercise programs out there, some working only in the short term and some not making any difference, then it might be time to turn your approach on it’s axis.  

No more fad diets. Change your mindset and change your life.

Healthy lifestyle
Easy delicious and nutritious recipes plus simple exercise

The tools and techniques of the coaching program provide direction

Removal of blockages that have held you back

An easy to follow process specifically tailored to you

Lose weight and gain confidence as you progress

One-on-one support means you are never struggling on your own

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James Clear’s Atomic Habits was the first book I read that really set me on the path to my passion. Until then I was feeling something had to change but not knowing what. By introducing one new action at a time I was able to make huge changes without feeling overwhelmed. 🧡💡🧡💡🧡 ...

Ooh ahhh! That new shoe feeling! The only shoes I’ve bought myself in the past three years are runners - a pair each year. When I was sedentary I had the same runners for up to ten years! Now I wear them out with a 45 min walk/run with the dogs each morning followed by 20-30 mins in the gym most days then weekdays I walk for 45 mins at lunch with a friend. ❤️🧡💚🦮🐕‍🦺🏃🏼🏋️🚶💚🧡❤️ #fitterafterfifty #newshoes #newrunners ...

Keeping consistent - had booster shot Friday, woke early and felt good Saturday so went for a long walk with the dogs in the dark. We then went to a caravan show and continued walking and I still felt fine, just a sore arm, drove home and I fell asleep😴😴 couldn’t keep my eyes open. Same all of yesterday 😴😴 no illness just absolute exhaustion to the point that I could have slept standing up. Now it’s gone - like it was never here. I haven’t been able to sleep well for over two years as I can’t lie down due to severe reflux so being knocked out for some time obviously did wonderful restorative work. Amazing how the body works. I’m only just learning to listen to it. #listentoyourbody #sleepisrestorative #keepingconsistent #fitterinmyfifties ...

Windy day yesterday meant I had to stay indoors - then had a rather concerning afternoon which created elevated adrenalin levels that I didn’t expend proactively. Sooo I really pushed it out this morning. Tried to run but I was wheezy and the shadows of the street lights scared the dogs 😳 so walked then pushed it out in the gym - probably gonna really feel it tomorrow 🥵 #feeltheburn🔥 #feeltheachestomorrow #backday #runninginthedark👀 ...

Two days of no walks for the dogs and so they were crying for a walk this morning. They dragged me along for the first two kms in their excitement. I love summer but cannot take them for a walk after the sun rises as the road gets too hot for their tootsies. 🥵 #dogsofinstagram #dogswalkingme #happydogshappylife #sunrisewalk ...

Blood test this morning. I have low blood pressure and non existent veins so it took two ladies almost an hour to successfully draw blood from me. I look like a pincushion each time I have a blood test or an operation - and considering I have bloods every six months and before any operation, and I’ve had an operation a year for the past five years, that’s a lot of attempts. It doesn’t hurt much thankfully but it puts a real dent in your day. No fasted cardio and todays supposed to be leg day but I think it will just have to wait. #bloodtest #pincushion #nolegdayformetoday #restday ...

This is the face of a very happy and content person. 💕 (and sweaty🤣) Im participating in online training today with an amazing bunch of people I now call friends, and so converted my morning walk in to a part run. 🏃🏼I could feel the power in my legs as I pushed through and realised that all this training is paying off. I am getting fitter every day. I’m struggling to achieve weight loss but have let my unrealistic expectations go. I live in calorie deficit every day, I exercise between 30 mins to 2 hours a day, and my heart and lungs are better than they’ve been in twenty years so that is what matters. Grateful for the opportunities I have embraced and looking forward to so much more ahead. Break over it’s time to hit the gym for my chest workout 🏋️ #fitterinmyfifties #runningbecauseican #chestworkout #lovinglife ...

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