Hi! I'm Susan Escott, let me tell you about my journey to health and happiness

As a teenager I suffered abuse which lead me on a path of self destruction. I developed eating disorders which, even after battling my demons and overcoming my unhealthy eating patterns, left my metabolism impaired.

I found myself on a weight loss and regain rollercoaster for thirty years.

In late 2016 I contracted a virus, not dissimilar to COVID.  Although it was not life threatening on its own, with my other health issues it lead to me to develop a heart condition.  

I no longer possessed the strength to walk to my mailbox and I was putting on even more weight – rapidly.

I was diagnosed as morbidly obese and told to lose 30 – 50 kgs or be dead within six months. I was left with no choice but to sign up for weight loss surgery.

Two years later I was slim and fit, I had lost 50kgs and was loving my new found energy.  I was working with a highly regarded personal trainer, Lochi Horner, and watching my dietary intake and yet, like so many others who endure weight loss surgery, I found the weight creeping back on.

Even surviving on small meals and exercising at least twice daily I was not able to maintain my weight – I was so frustrated!

I had to find another solution.  I studied alternatives to dieting and exercise programs. I hired a coach to work on my mindset, and this lead me to make changes in other areas of my life, including giving me the confidence to quit my job and start my own business as a virtual assistant and website developer.

To benefit prospective clients in my new business I invested in studying marketing, sales, presenting and business development & administration with a leading training organisation, Authentic Education.

Whilst studying I was introduced to their RAPID Results Coaching Model by a fellow student.  The method features tools and techniques that clear long standing blockages and establishes new neural pathways. This experience allowed me some much needed breakthroughs.

I was so excited by the success I experienced that I invested in the coaching program for my own benefit.  I gained confidence and clarity in my business and my personal mindset and my health continued to improve. 

I was fitter and healthier in my fifties than I had been for the previous twenty years.  I had new purpose.  I felt so fulfilled I chose to take action and share it with others.

My new passion is to assist obese people on their weight loss journey, preparing for weight loss surgery, looking at alternatives to surgery, and supporting them in their journey after surgery.

This is what I bring to the table

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